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Obama “snubs” England’s PM


According to the (London) Telegraph Obama snubbed the UK PM because he was “too tired” to show proper respect. Hmmm… Our CLOSEST ally in the world, the “home country” to most of the USA, that England of Shakespeare who said, “This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England, …”

Why? He was tired from wrestling with the worries of the depression in the USA. (There! Someone has finally called it what it is!) See

for the complete review. Mostly, the Telegraph is saying that maybe we have the wrong man in the wrong place when he is “too tired” to meed the head of his closest ally in the world. Maybe he would have had more time if Gordon Brown was a the “right” color or represented an African nation or one of the Muslim nations. Maybe… Or maybe Michelle is just keeping him too busy. Who knows?

Whatever the reason, he needs to straighten out his priorities and show the proper respect for a Prime Minister from a nation who has always supported the USA. Maybe we DID get the wrong man in office here….


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