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October [Technical] Rules Fest

The Dallas Rules Group ( is sponsoring a Rulebase Conference in October called, of all things, the “October <Technical> Rules Fest” – maybe it has something to do with the German community in South Texas that has the October Fest.  But October Fest in Munich is actually from September 15th to September 30th.  All very confusing. 

BUT – and here’s the really cool part – this could prove to be the “Woodstock of the Rulebase World”, as one of the “leaders” of the Jess group called it.  Why?  Well, check out and you’ll see that the list of speakers includes almost all of the major rulebase leaders today.  Just to name a couple:  Dr. Charles Forgy [invented Rete and Rete2/Rete III], Mark Proctor [inventor of Drools], Gary Riley [inventor of CLIPS], and many more.  There is even a day of tutorials on Wednesday.  All included for only $150 per attendee.  That’s dang-near free in today’s $5K conference fee level.  Even the El-Cheapo BR Forum is $1,750.  

 Only a couple of world-class God Fathers (sorry ladies, I just don’t know about any God Mothers in the rulebase world) are missing and DRG is trying to get them.  The really, really cool part is that it was the speakers themselves who kept asking, “Well, did you invite so-and-so?”  We invited so-and-so and he would ask, “Did you invite who’s-it?”  And it just grew all by itself.  

Check out the link.  Check out the speakers.  This probably will NEVER happen again – meaning there are not plans right now for an “October <Technical> Rules Fest – Der Zwi”.   OK, so my German is really bad movie-subtitle-level German, but you get the idea.  There may not BE another conference like this ever again.  




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New Rules Group in Dallas

There is a new Dallas Rules Group, and I plan on attending.  It’s a long drive from Sweetwater to Dallas but it will give me an excuse to go over and shop before the meeting.  From what I’ve seen about it, they are focused and organized.  Right now they are teaching Drools but I understand that later they will teach CLIPS/Jess as well as MIKE and maybe some others.  Regardless, if you can make the monthly meeting, it should be worth your while.




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