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Leave Tiger Alone !!


Writing about a celebrity should be easy – they make such large targets that they are almost impossible to miss.  For example, Tiger Woods and his now infamous auto accident the other night.  All the world is agog trying to find out all of the little details.  Did his super-model spouse actually use a 9-iron to whack him or did she use the smaller, more manageable putter?  Did he have one drink or two or five?

WHO CARES ??  Apparently the same folks who read National Enquirer.  What I find most interesting is that the very same people who say that a celebrity was just doing something for a “photo opp” are the very same people who are  busy buzzing around about this.   And, yes, I see the irony that I continue the coverage by writing about that insane coverage.

My deal old Daddy (now long gone to his heavenly reward) when asked about the recent scar on his face (actually due to minor skin cancer) would remark, “It’s my wife and my fire wood and NONE of our business.”  A lot of things were personal to Dad and he did he best to deflect curious and silly inquiries about him, his health, his finances, etc.  I suppose that his attitude (of which I seem to have adopted just wee bit) is that a man or woman does have a personal life about which strangers have no business asking for details.

Bottom Line:  It’s none of your business what Tiger did the other night.  It has nothing to do with his usually outstanding golf game.  And because of all of those nosy busybodies we missed getting to see him play that spectacular game of his this week.  So, to all you nosy busy bodies, get off his back and let him play golf.  He didn’t beat his wife.  He didn’t shoot anyone.  He committed no crimes of any kind.  DROP IT !!


Yaakov Kohen


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