Mostly on Rulebase Benchmarks, Politics, Religion and other "stuff" that you can't discuss in the workplace

About Yaakov

Formerly, I was the CTO for KnowledgeBased Systems Corporation but I have long since retired.  I have been living in Sweetwater, Texas, for a while now and, mostly, I just do research on various things – no consulting, no bookkeeping, no sales – none of that stuff that drives most geeks crazy.  My passions are the bible, trying to understand G-d and all that he does, and, to some small degree, AI.  For now that means rulebased systems and maybe helping James Owen with his benchmarks, ontologies, forecasting and quantitative analysis. Hopefully, later, maybe I can get around to doing some research on neural networks.  You can contact me at if you like.  Just don’t expect a quick answer.  🙂  [I dropped that 3rd person junk as of December 2009 – it feels like I just took a nice, cool shower at the end of a hot, west-Texas day.]




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