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Obama and “Change”


Sorry, Charlie. (Or should I say, “Sorry, Barack.”?) I just do NOT see a “change” in the way things are being done in congress, the senate nor the white house. Same-o, same-o. Only the bankers are getting “bailed out” and the auto makers are getting “bailed out” and the flakes that got mortgages that they could not afford are getting “bailed out.”

What about Ordinary Joe?? You know, the guy who pays his bills even when he doesn’t have the money? Who pays his mortgage on time? And teaches his children that you should always repay a loan? What a fool he is!!

Answer? Well, it will be four years before we can vote for someone who is NOT an Obama, who is NOT a George Bush, who is NOT a rock star of some kind, but a “real” business man or woman who actually knows something about economics. Someone for whom straight answers are NOT ” out of my pay grade.”

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March 7, 2009 - Posted by | Political

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