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George, George, George

George, George, George!! Why, oh why, did we ever vote for you in the first place? We thought that you would do so much good and on 9-11 we thought that you were a real President. But you have SO disappointed us. By “us” I mean all of the conservative (read, Orthodox) Jews, (read, Baptists and Charismatic) Christians and others of faith who thought that you had repented from your foolish boyhood transgressions and would lead a moral life.

True, you didn’t diddle with the interns in the Oval Office as did your predecessor. Worse. You diddled the American voter. Afghanistan I could see – almost. Iraq? Well I think you lied to us on that one. (Just one man’s opinion, not a fact.) But NOW you seem to have gone behind closed doors with a major real estate agent (a former logger) and negotiated to sell off 1.2 MILLION Acres of National Forest for home development. And (so said the article in today’s paper) it “could” lead to paving of the logging trails – not that it “would” but that it “could” – do you guys really believe that we (the voters) are THAT dumb?

If selling off National Forest land was a good thing, then it should have been open for bid to anyone who wanted to buy it. If it was not a good thing the no one should have been allowed to buy it. George, we hardly knew ya – but we got to know more about you that we wanted to know.

For more details on what Georgie Boy has been up to the past few years see



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