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What’s Wrong With Rulebased Systems ??

Answer:  Absolutely nothing!  The problem is that if you are a poor schmuck of customer and you don’t have anyone on staff who has been trained in “real world” AI, then you have to believe something of what a salesman / client partner says, right?  Of course, right.  So, during all of the meetings, the client partner tries to find out what you really want, where are your hot buttons, and proceeds to promise you the sun, moon and stars while pressing all of the hot buttons.

OH, did I mention the other poor schumck in this scenario?  The poor guy from professional services who has to implement what the client partner promised.  Can’t be done.  But the PS guys can’t tell you that it can’t be done because he’ll lose his job.  Or get a bad review, which is tantamount to being one of the untouchables class in India.  Or having leprosy.  Something like that.

So, what happens in real life?  The PS guy fools around for about three months, has you send all of your staff off to training (at $5K a pop) at someplace nice (like CA) and then, with nothing more than the rudimentary basic parts up and running, hands if off to your crew to “save you money.”  Guess what comes up in the second verse?  A year later it still isn’t doing what was promised so “another” PS guy arrives after a few visits by the client partner.  

AH!  You (the poor schmuck of a customer) didn’t implement this properly after the original PS crew left.  So, now you get the higher paid guys (the senior KE guys) at a higher price to “show you the shining path.”  After about three or four weeks of this, you own people have to admit that they were wrong and now they have seen the light.  (If they don’t, then apparently they are incredibly obtuse and should be fired at once.)  So, the senior PS guy leaves and your guys have to try (with the help of some Technical Support Staff who were hired last month) to implement what the senior PS guys said. 

By this time, you will either bail out and write it off to a bad experiment or keep going back to the well.  Time after time after time.  Yes, I will have to confess; there are a few, well-done installations.  But most of the ones that I have seen in the past have been abortions that are just covered up and no one EVER admits to failure.  Why?  Because the standards for success or failure were never established in the beginning.  Why?  Because it would take more time and money to do it right than to fail a few times and then just sweep everything under the rug.

OH – what about the guys who started all of this in the first place?  Well, they declared it a screaming success, were promoted within the company to another division and their position now is that it worked fine when they left – you (the poor schmuck who inherited this fiasco) must have screwed something up.  Or they went to work for another company where they will now do the same thing for them that they did for you – and all with your highest recommendations.  Schmuck!!




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  1. Shalom 🙂
    That sounds like a real life scenario… hehe

    Comment by Alexander Zagniotov | May 16, 2008 | Reply

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