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On Romans 8:28

If you read the KJV of this passage it runs something like this; “For we know that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.”   This sometimes leads to a false sense of security.  

But the Greek text (from the Textus Recptus) doesn’t really say that.  If I could switch to Greek (there MUST be some way to do that) then is would say something like “oidamen de ote tois agapos ton Theon panta ounergei eis agathon tois kata prothesin klatois ousin.”  

Close.  But, when you ask a modern-day Greek what that means to him, you get something like this; “(we) know that those of us (the ones that) love (the) God alway work together toward good (pure good, God-kind of good) us according wishes (intentions) called (as you have been called) us.”  

Putting that back into English, “We know that those of us who love God always work together toward good for we are called according to the wishes of God.”  Not quite the same, is it?  Basically, it’s now saying that if we are called by God then we are always working for the pure, upright and holy wishes of God.  Sort of put the onus back on us to do good things, not to expect good things to “just happen because we are called of God.”  

I’m not sure that what I have here is absolutely correct, but I do know that the original Greek didn’t say what the King James crew wanted it to say.




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White Paper Link

KBSC has posted a page of White Papers at that contains, among other really nice stuff, all of Dr. Charles Forgy’s 1979 Thesis – by chapter and one huge zip file of all of it.  Of particular interest might be the Parallel stuff by Forgy / Newell / Gupta as well as Doorenbos’ 1995 thesis that I use to teach the Rete Algorithm.  




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New Rules Group in Dallas

There is a new Dallas Rules Group, and I plan on attending.  It’s a long drive from Sweetwater to Dallas but it will give me an excuse to go over and shop before the meeting.  From what I’ve seen about it, they are focused and organized.  Right now they are teaching Drools but I understand that later they will teach CLIPS/Jess as well as MIKE and maybe some others.  Regardless, if you can make the monthly meeting, it should be worth your while.




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