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JAB (Just Another Blog)

Just started this blog – more than likely it won’t be devoted exclusively to rulebased systems but about anything technical that strikes my fancy.  Maybe it will be helpful, maybe not.  Later I plan to add a lot of “stuff” to it to help those just getting into rules to discern the difference between normal procedural programming like Java and C++ to declarative programming concept that should be used in a rulebase.  My pet peeve is that concept that a BRMS (Business Rule Management System) is a rulebase on steroids.  Not true!  It’s a dumbed-down rulebase so that regular programmers and business managers can understand it.  Simply put, BRMS is to a rulebase as COBOL is to programming.   Well, that should be enough for the first time out.  I’ll clean all of this up later, add some cool links, start some conversations, etc.  Drop by, leave a comment, let me know what you think. 




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